Visit Maldives - Sunny Paradise Islands - On the beachRising from the deep blue vast stretch of the Indian Ocean is an archipelago of more than a thousand islands and thousands more reefs islands scattered across the equator, in groups of 26 naturally occurring atolls. Maldives is a world-renowned tropical paradise famed for its clear blue skies, specks of emerald green waters like scattered beads in the ocean; idylllic white powdery beaches, crystalline white sands, tall palms dancing at the sea shores, shades of turquoise blend flawlessly with deeper hues of blue; pristine coral reefs and some of the most amazing underwater life on earth.

While several Maldivian islands remain untouched, many are home to luxury holiday resorts designed for the well-being of the visitors. They come to explore, dive, relax, enjoy and have fun and are introduced to ecotourism initiatives devised to preserve and safe guard the islands’ most precious natural attributes. As a result, the Maldives are considered an eco-tourism tourism destination.

Visit Maldives - Sunny Paradise Islands - Luxury Resorts with Over-water villasThe Maldives are a perfect holiday destination either alone or with family whether you are staying on luxurious resort in Male’, or in a budget friendly guesthouse on an island in a faraway atoll you will have so much activities to take part in. Entertainment and excursions in the islands usually involve watching dolphins dance, cruising, fishing, as well as visits to the capital city of Male, deserted islands for picnic, and shopping extravaganza in nearby inhabited islands. Maldives capital city Male, is the smallest capital city in the world and home to the National park and its impressive collection of historical artifacts, royal antiques from Buddhist era, very rare marine collection etc; visit the iconic tsunami monument built in honor of people who died during the massive natural disaster in the year 2004 where a closer look of the architectural design of the monument depicts different aspects of the Tsunami.

Maldives are one of the most attractive travel destinations in the tropics which also encourage eco-tourism to protect the sensitive environment and underwater life. It is not only snorkelers and divers who enjoy the luxuriant underwater resources, with 99% of its territory being sea; the Maldives is one of the world’s leading water-sports hubs with its environment of islands creating the perfect blend for a natural water-sports arena. The Maldives pride in all form of water-based adventure sport from exploring the sea in a transparent canoe to kayaking and Scuba diving, or experiencing the ocean through bird’s eye view during para-sailing. A dawn walk along the beach is not only invigorating exercise, it’s also a chance to see what the night’s waves have washed up.

Visit Maldives - Sunny Paradise Islands - Maldivian Girls with Green EyesThere is no better place to enjoy the sunny part of life can it be on a white-sand beach or diving with the giant manta rays; paradise meets reality. Couples embrace the essence of perfection with the island’s tranquility, tropical scenery, the finesse, the fun and the leisurely life with time to enjoy each as special occasions like honeymoon and anniversary are celebrated. The resorts don’t offer you only azure blue lagoons with crystal clear waters, food is tasty and services are awesome. Villas are secluded above a lagoon or cloistered in lush vegetation where you have the vantage view of the lagoon lapping the beach and coconut palms waving on the shore.

Body, mind and spirit also benefit from the peacefulness of a holiday in the Maldives especially when this is revitalized at health sessions at the spa in your island resort’s.

Tourists are enticed by the country’s fabulous marine natural resources, showcased in its excellent diving, shallow lagoons, white sand beaches and underwater coral gardens. These natural resources are extremely fragile and susceptible to adverse environmental events. With over 3,000 vulnerable coral reefs throughout the Maldives been exposed to holidaymakers, environmental concerns are hugely important to citizens of the Maldives as the highest point in the entire archipelago is just less than eight feet high making the island republic the lowest country in the world. To avoid the country been submerged anytime soon, unique sustainable development measures and ecotourism practices are introduced by Maldives government to protect the fragile coral ecosystem while at the same time sustaining Maldivian tourism.